I have been dealing with some health issues for awhile now. From horrible stomach aches to intense migraines. I’ve been feeling tired and depressed and anxious. Anxiety and depression is something I have dealt with since my teen years, but this last year or so I have been having a hard time dealing with everything. I’ve been putting off doctors appointments because I feel guilty taking time off work. But this week, I kept my doctors appointment. I told him everything that has been going on and what I deal with everyday. He said he believes most of my issues are caused by my anxiety and the amount of stress I’m under is worsening my stomach issues and migraines. He suggested I take time off work, if it was possible. Financially, yes it is. But the thought of disappointing who I work for just makes me feel awful. I can’t keep living like this though. I am miserable most days and hide it to make sure I’m there for my son. It’s catching up to me though. I need to take some time and fix myself. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to focus on the book I have been writing with my little sister. Reading more. Yoga. And spending time with my husband and son. I want to spend time with them where I don’t feel tired, overwhelmed or in pain.

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