I Am No Chef

Seriously guys. I hate cooking. If I did not have Luca, I would seriously be fine with just eating cereal, peanut butter sandwiches or cheese itz for dinner every night.

But I know that I need to be making healthy meals for us. So I bought an instapot. Because everyone was like “OMG, this will make your life so much easier, just throw stuff in a boom you have dinner!” Wrong, that is not true. There are recipes and instructions and far too much effort is needed and I’m just not all about that. My cooking skills go as far as instant rice, heating up frozen veggies and grilling up some chicken.

So- new plan. I am going to have my husband, who IS a chef, help me once or twice a week with some simple recipes until I get the hang of this whole cooking thing. He makes some pretty delicious meals, that normally take hours to make. We are going to have to work on coming up with some quick, easy and delicious meals to share with all you busy momma’s out there.