Let me preface this by saying, I love my husband very much. I swear. But sometimes, like yesterday and possibly a few times over the weekend, I thought about kicking him repeatedly in the shins. Sorry babe- I know you are reading this.

Right now we are living in an apartment. It’s a nice apartment and we love it. But we would love to own our own home. At least I know, I would love to own a home. I feel like my husband might like to own a shoe store instead- please see photo. Anyway, over the years, I have been responsible for keeping track of all of the bills and managing our joint account. I’ve tried getting us on a budget so we can save money, but it never works. I think my husband thinks the debit card is a magic card that you swipe and never runs out of funds. NEWS FLASH- it’s not. And so I feel like I’m constantly nagging about him spending too much money on certain things. Small things every day add up. Yes, he works hard and yes should be able to spend his money how he wants. But if the money is not there, you cannot spend it. Since he has had no idea what our bank account looks like for these last 4 years, I get that it’s probably hard for him to grasp the reality of what is and isn’t in our account.

Yesterday, I made the choice to separate our accounts. He will now be responsible for keeping up with the bills and whatever is left over, he can spend however he wants to. My account will be for saving for the house and everything for Luca- diapers, wipes, snack, toys etc.  

When talking about all this on the phone on the way home from work yesterday, my wonderful husband who I love so much says “It’s been a long day, I don’t need this extra stress.” But I guess I have needed the extra stress for the last 4 years now?? Right. He later apologized, smart move babe.

I’m excited for this change- I think it will get us on track to achieving our goal of buying a house. I’m also nervous to see how he handles this new responsibility. Wish us luck! Ha!