Adult Acne

Why is this a thing? Anyone else out there suffer from this? Well, yes I know there are a lot of people that do, but man is this frustrating. There are some months that I go without a breakout and then other months where you would think I just hit puberty.

I’ve tried Proactive, I’ve tried prescription creams, all natural soaps, unscented moisturizers, toners, astringents, changing my diet, etc. I cannot seem to figure out what will get rid of these breakouts for good. The only thing I can think of is, it must be stress related. Not that I am overly stressed right now in a bad way. But I do have a lot going on, a lot that I am trying to accomplish and I am getting very little sleep in the process.

I did reach out to my Facebook friends for suggestions on face wash, toners and moisturizers. I have a new routine I am going to try and see if that will clear up the mess that is currently residing on my face. I’ll keep you updated.

Here are the products I am using: